Together with its Canada-based sister company Ventusolar Inc., VENTUSOLAR GLOBAL CAPITAL GmbH is a specialist in Renewable Energy investments – a market with significant growth potential over the coming years and decades.

Along with onshore wind power and large-scale hydro power, photovoltaic is the fastest growing technology in the Renewable Energy sector. These technologies constitute our primary focus.

The fastest growing markets in this sector include Canada and the U.S. and Europe as well as emerging economies like Argentina and Chile. Besides our core market of Canada, our primary focus is on those regions.

Institutional investors are often faced with the problem of low interest rates and a lack of adequate investment opportunities. Renewable energies can be an interesting option for professional investors both large and small, but also difficult to manage without sufficient internal expertise and adequate structures. Together with the Gabler-Saliter Bank as a shareholder as well as its established and recognized partners, VENTUSOLAR is in a position to guarantee access to projects and operational assets in renewable energy structures for investment by institutional clients.

VENTUSOLAR’s mission is to provide institutional investors with convenient, professionally managed access to sustainable, profitable, investment-grade Green Energy investments.