Together with its Canada-based sister company Ventusolar Inc., VENTUSOLAR GLOBAL CAPITAL GmbH is a specialist in Renewable Energy investments – a market with significant growth potential over the coming years and decades.

Along with onshore wind power and large-scale hydro power, photovoltaic is the fastest growing technology in the Renewable Energy sector. These technologies constitute our primary focus.

The fastest growing markets in this sector include Canada and the U.S. and Europe as well as emerging economies like Argentina and Chile. Besides our core market of Canada, our primary focus is on those regions.

Investors today are often faced with the problem of low interest rates and a lack of adequate investment opportunities. This is where VENTUSOLAR is able to offer its support. Renewable Energies, sourced and structured by VENTUSOLAR in teamwork with our recognized and established partners, are often ideal for small and medium-sized institutional investors. These target groups, sometimes without their own internal investment expertise and structures, is what we specialize in, providing them with access to successful renewable energy projects and operational assets.

VENTUSOLAR’s mission is to provide institutional investors with convenient, professionally managed access to sustainable, profitable, investment-grade Green Energy investments.


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