Along with onshore wind power and large-scale hydro power, photovoltaic is the fastest growing technology in the Renewable Energy sector. This was the main finding in a recent survey conducted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in cooperation with “German Energy Solutions”. According to the 2016 market analysis, the European, Canadian and U.S. markets are currently experiencing the fastest rate of growth. There is a continuing significant growth potential in the sector of Renewable Energies. The outlook for the coming years and decades is positive – for the entire world market.

Together with its partners, VENTUSOLAR GLOBAL CAPITAL provides institutional investors with access to Renewable Energies at both the project and development stage as well as to operational assets in the fields of photovoltaic power, wind power and hydro power. This is within the framework of conventional, proven European financial structures.

Together with its partners, VENTUSOLAR continually identifies and evaluates concrete projects and assets for direct investment in all stages, including projects currently under development or construction or already in operation.

VENTUSOLAR co-initiates and acts as an investment advisor and asset manager for funds and other financial structures together with recognized and established partners. Those funds provide proven, financially structured options giving institutional investors access to assets in the field of Renewable Energies with a focus on Canada, the U.S. and Europe as well as selected emerging markets like Argentina and Chile.

VENTUSOLAR’s mission is to provide institutional investors with convenient, professionally managed access to sustainable, profitable, investment-grade Green Energy investments.

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